Get involved in the

 unique interactive

 audiobook experience

Only using your


 gestures and haptic abilities without 

using the


Take action in the story about a depressed, sarcastic philosophy professor searching for his meaning at an crowded train station.

The story unfolds as you complete little puzzles and master situations from the professor's everyday life. Get to know a palette of different characters crossing his way and interact with them in multiple choices by drawing symbols on the touchscreen.

You have to fully rely on your ability to hear. 

Example with a door:

Long click does ring the bell

Respond: "Who is there?"

Fist means knock the door and the barking dog gets near you 

Rotate means use the door knob

Swipe left to leave the door

Swipe right to open the door 

Game Features

Genre: 2,5 D Plattformer

60 levels within 3 worlds

Beautiful, smooth, and unique artstyle graphics

Technische Daten

Price: $12.99

Release Date:  Feb 7th 202X

Platforms: PC, OSX, Nintendo Switch

Community: Steam Community

Age Ratings: 6+

Technische Anforderungen:


512MB graphics card

Windows: XP SP3+

Mac: 08X10.5+

Linux: Ubuntu 12+