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Today we launch two games that are very close to our hearts. It’s hard to believe we are finally able to announce that Skate City and Where Cards Fall are now available exclusively on Apple Arcade. 

It’s been an amazing process; we’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented people from all around the world. Skate City is a collaboration with Oslo studio, Agens, while LA-based friends, The Game Band, developed Where Cards Fall. We are so grateful to get to work with such wonderful teams of people who are masters of their craft and truly love what they do. 

Being a part of Apple Arcade is an honor. This service will open up doors to people who may not have been introduced to games yet, and this issomething Snowman has always cared deeply about.

While our hearts are still full from last year’s WWDC, we are excited to be reunited with old friends and make plenty of new ones while we’re there again! 

As if being surrounded by thousands of bright and innovative minds isn’t enough of an honor, last year we were humbled to accept a 2018 Apple Design Award along with 9 other brilliant apps. It just goes to show that yom. never really know what to expect at WWDC and we can’t wait for what’s in store this time around. 


Snowman at WWDC 2019

it’s been challenging for me to balance teaching a class with making progress

with making game. dont get me wrong, i love that i get the chance to teach

something to sixteen people this all! i love how teaching forces me to shift

the focus off myself and onto the people around me.

last year, immediately after graduating, i struggled a lot with hopelessness

and isolation. going back to school when you arent a student anymore felt

very weird. i felt like i didnt really have a good reason to be working on my

game at school and i spent a lot of time last year insecure about my work and

anxious about my future. 

these were the sort of questions i asked myself: AM I GOING TO BE




nothing you could say to me could 'treally’t make me feel better because it

never felt like enough.

well i’m glad that i’m able to manage those feelings better now 101 AND i’d

like to believe that teaching has somethin

to do with it... maybe getting the chance to directly help people with

concrete stuff like animating a proper walk cycle makes me spend less time

concerned with my own helplessness

so yea, that is a little bit of an update on my life! i dont really spend much

time sharing too many details of what is happening to me right now, but i'd

like to be more open with you... it'sjust sometimes i dont know how go about


about it

anyway teaching is good for me and i’m very thankful for

getting to do it but sometimes i find it difficult to context

shift-dike from helping students with their animation

homework to deciding what to work on next in the game.

well yesterday i finally got the chance to start making some

different levels for the food stack mini-game! i made 9

levels total. most of them are probably way too hard. one of

the levels (THE BANANA LEVEL) took me 20 minutes (or

more??) to beat....


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