Eat your burger Johnny

"JOHNNY, Cmon eat it all up"

Johnny is sitting in front of his plate. On his plate is a Hamburg er Johnny hates burgers but he can't escape. At the same table sits the almighty big Mama yelling at him since hours to eat up.  Tired and hopeless he sinks into and his daydream begins.

​You are Johnny's tongue.

Eat fast, chew less every burger to the last bit. 

Every burger is a carefully hand crafted level full of sweet, salty, sour, spicy and ingredients.

Use all kind of abilities and special moves to eat and chew more effectively until the time is up.

Gather extra points and secrets by completing special tasks and climb up the highscore.

Every level consists of 5 different ingredient types. Every bun, meat (tofu), salads, vegetables and sauces are possible. Whatever sweets your taste.

Fight your way to Dr . Carie Diabety

Game Features

Genre: Casual Arcade

Verschiedene Level bzw. Burgerarten

Randomizer der den Belag eines Burgers bei jedem Spielstart zufällig wählt und verteilt

Zungen Shop System mit variierenden Attacken und Steuerung die sich der Spieler je nach Spielweise aussuchen kann

Gesammelte Punkte können gegen neue Level und Zungen eingetauscht, oder als Highscore gepostet werden und verlieren danach ihre Gültigkeit

Technische Daten

Price: $12.99

Release Date:  Feb 7th 202X

Platforms: PC, OSX, Nintendo Switch

Community: Steam Community

Age Ratings: 6+

Technische Anforderungen:


512MB graphics card

Windows: XP SP3+

Mac: 08X10.5+

Linux: Ubuntu 12+