Hairy Tale

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, schwing' 

dein Haar herauf!"

Del is imprisoned in her tower where she can't escape and  is not allowed to leave her room.  She is bored to death from all the chilling at home so she installs "Tangler" THE dating app to find your prince! After texting back and forth a young prince decides to rescue her.

​Full of excitement she throws her hair down the window once the "hero" arrives, so he can climb up her tower. On top arrives a fat old, sweaty plumber, with countryside attitude and quite the opposite of his "Tangler" profile.

Completely in shock she grabs a pan and smashes his head into a wall that releases a bucket full of red liquor pouring over her. Her hair covered in red begin to shine giving her the ability to bend and extend her hair limitless. She takes advantage of the stunned hero and jumps quickly off the window to swing into her freedom and so a new adventure awaits in the outside world.

Follow the Delgnat /= Tangled the redhead princess on her journey to emancipation. funny stories, addicting gameplay and self discovery.

Run, Swing and Fight your way through wannabe heroes,  fake prince's, dragons and mountains impossible to climb.

An emotional journey full of funny stories, addicting gameplay and self discovery.

Play as Del and use her unique hair swing mechanic to fly through and master different levels.

Game Features

Genre: 2D Action Jump and Run

40 ausgearbeitete, komplett spielbare Level

3 Schwierigkeitsstufen (Easy, Pro, Insane)

Wunderschönes Grafikseting, wahlweise Dschungel, Technik, Weltall

Technische Daten

Price: $12.99

Release Date:  Feb 7th 202X

Platforms: PC, OSX, Nintendo Switch

Community: Steam Community

Age Ratings: 6+

Technische Anforderungen:


512MB graphics card

Windows: XP SP3+

Mac: 08X10.5+

Linux: Ubuntu 12+