Hello 32718. 

Welcome to

 Orinoco logistics.

Your first starts today. 

Do your best and don't

 bring shame to the 


You are a Picker. Your job is to scan, collect and sort packages through hundreds of shelves.

Get the packages carefully to the drop zones in time, no time for breaks. Mistakes are being not tolerated or you get fired! Stay in time, meet all conditions and maximize your Workflow.

Other employee's are busy too and can run into you or block your way.

Avoid all kind of obstacles, or enemies and use the environment to your advantage like ramps or shortcuts.

​After hard working day you can recover in your Bungalow and buy items from the Orinoco online shop to maximize your chances to win.

(But you have to pick up your order by yourself. No delivery for employees)

Game Features

Genre: 3D Platformer aus der Top-Down Ansicht

40 ausgearbeitete, komplett spielbare Level

3 Schwierigkeitsstufen (Easy, Pro, Insane)

Wunderschönes Grafikseting, wahlweise Dschungel, Technik, Weltall

Technische Daten

Price: $12.99

Release Date:  Feb 7th 202X

Platforms: PC, OSX, Nintendo Switch

Community: Steam Community

Age Ratings: 6+

Technische Anforderungen:


512MB graphics card

Windows: XP SP3+

Mac: 08X10.5+

Linux: Ubuntu 12+