Spirit Realm

Restore the balance in

the world of black 

and white together with Yin and Yan

The first chapter is all about claustrophobia. The environment is full of narrow walls and paths and gives you the impression how it is to feel this phobia. It can also trigger you and support you like a small therapy.

Every creature whether friend or foe has his own Biotope to live in as well his own style of moving through the world and therefore different weaknesses and advantages.

Switch between both characters anytime and solve tricky situations together by helping each other.

Yan is only able to walk on white while Yin can only walk paths covered in black.

Survive in an comic esque land full of creepy discoveries and threats of the unknown.

Confront your deepest fears at the end of every level facing the endphobia boss.

Game Features

Genre: 2,5 D Plattformer

60 levels within 3 worlds

Beautiful, smooth, and unique artstyle graphics


Technische Daten

Price: $12.99

Release Date:  Feb 7th 202X

Platforms: PC, OSX, Nintendo Switch

Community: Steam Community

Age Ratings: 6+

Technische Anforderungen:


512MB graphics card

Windows: XP SP3+

Mac: 08X10.5+

Linux: Ubuntu 12+